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BIKE24 is an online retailer specializing in cycling and outdoor equipment, offering a wide range of products from bicycles and accessories to clothing and nutrition. What sets BIKE24 apart is its extensive product selection, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. With a focus on catering to both amateur and professional cyclists, BIKE24 provides expert advice, high-quality products, and fast delivery options, making it a preferred choice for cycling enthusiasts across Europe. Their commitment to promoting cycling as a lifestyle and providing comprehensive support to customers sets BIKE24 apart in the competitive online retail landscape.

The Project 
Lekker Code, a seasoned software development and coaching firm, partnered with Bike24 to revolutionize their e-commerce platform. As a Scrum Master and SAFe Agile Coach, Lekker Code orchestrated a seamless transition to a new system, fostering innovation and collaboration. The project encompassed managing two agile teams through the replatforming process, focusing on greenfield development, introducing event-driven architecture, facilitating design thinking workshops, and providing Scrum Master and SAFe coaching to ensure alignment with Agile principles and practices.

The Challenges
Despite the clear objectives of replatforming Bike24's e-commerce system and implementing Agile methodologies, several challenges were encountered during the project. Key challenges included managing two cross-functional teams with diverse skill sets and expertise, creating a robust and scalable system from scratch, integrating event-driven architecture to enhance system flexibility, ensuring alignment with user needs through design thinking workshops, and fostering an Agile mindset across the organization. Additionally, addressing technical complexities, resolving impediments, and maintaining high code quality while delivering value incrementally posed significant hurdles throughout the replatforming process.

The Result
The collaboration between Lekker Code and Bike24 culminated in a successful e-commerce replatforming, resulting in a modern, event-driven system that caters to customer needs. Bike24 now boasts a robust and scalable platform that fosters innovation, collaboration, and adaptability. The introduction of Agile methodologies, facilitated by Lekker Code's Scrum Master and SAFe coaching, has permeated the organization, driving continuous improvement, cross-team collaboration, and customer-centric innovation. Overall, the successful execution of the project showcases the transformative impact of Agile excellence, collaborative teamwork, and strategic planning on organizational growth and success.
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