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INdivHR offers fixed-price Active Sourcing services as a cost-effective alternative to traditional headhunters, ensuring guaranteed delivery. Recognizing the time constraints professionals face with interviews, meetings, and stakeholder management, INdivHR focuses on efficient cross-channel direct contact, freeing up valuable time in everyday working life.

The Project 

Lekker Code collaborated with IndivHR to assist them in recruiting highly skilled SAP experts. We played a key role in this project by leveraging her expertise in recruitment to identify and hire top-tier SAP professionals for IndivHR. The project focused on sourcing candidates with specialized knowledge in various SAP modules, technical proficiencies, and relevant industry experience.

The Challenges

The recruitment process for SAP experts presented several challenges. These included attracting and engaging top talent in a competitive market, efficiently screening candidates with niche skills, and aligning candidates’ qualifications with the specific needs of IndivHR’s clients.

The Result

Lekker Code worked diligently with IndivHR in the recruitment process, providing expertise and support throughout. Although this collaboration did not culminate in the hiring of SAP experts at this time, Lekker Code’s comprehensive approach and high-quality standards helped streamline the recruitment efforts and align candidates with client needs. Despite some challenges in matching candidates to the specific roles and meeting compensation expectations, Lekker Code’s involvement added value to IndivHR’s overall recruitment strategy and established a strong foundation for future talent acquisition endeavors.
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