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KAP Rechtsanwälte is a leading law firm in Germany, renowned as one of the top addresses for consumers. Recognized as a 'Top Law Firm' in the 'best of legal 2022' ranking, their expertise extends to assisting Diesel vehicle owners affected by emissions scandals, online casino players, and investors in banking and capital market law. With a track record of successfully advocating for their clients, they boast numerous landmark rulings. Additionally, KAP Rechtsanwälte has garnered accolades in the prestigious 'best of legal' ranking by Wirtschaftswoche, securing first place in both the 'Diversity' and 'Talent Management' categories, solidifying their position as one of the top law firms of 2022.

The Project 

Lekker Code partnered with KAP Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater, a leading law firm, to recruit multiple developers in Cape Town, South Africa. The project aimed to build a strong and talented team of developers to support the firm’s growing needs in legal technology and software development. Lekker Code’s expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition played a crucial role in sourcing and evaluating candidates with the necessary technical skills and experience to contribute effectively to KAP Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater’s innovative projects.

The Challenges

The recruitment process involved navigating a competitive market for skilled developers in Cape Town while ensuring candidates met KAP Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater’s specific requirements. Lekker Code focused on identifying individuals with a strong background in software development, as well as those who demonstrated adaptability and the ability to work in a dynamic legal environment.

The Results

The collaboration led to the successful recruitment of multiple developers who are now contributing to KAPs projects. These new team members bring expertise in various areas of software development, strengthening the firm’s technological capabilities and supporting its vision for legal innovation. The partnership with Lekker Code played a key role in ensuring a smooth recruitment process and achieving the desired outcomes for KAP Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater.
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