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Staffomatic is a workforce management and scheduling software solution designed to streamline and automate the scheduling process for businesses. Specializing in providing intuitive and user-friendly tools, Staffomatic helps organizations optimize their staffing, reduce administrative burden, and improve operational efficiency. What sets Staffomatic apart is its flexible and customizable platform, which caters to a wide range of industries and business sizes. By leveraging innovative technology and industry expertise, Staffomatic empowers businesses to better manage their workforce, enhance employee productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service.

The Project 
We partnered with Staffomatic to elevate their digital capabilities. Through a combination of agile coaching, product management, and software development expertise, Lekker Code made significant contributions to Staffomatic's growth. The collaboration encompassed talent recruitment, agile coaching, SCRUM adoption, priority matrix-based product management, and tech stack recommendations.

The Challenges

Despite the clear goals of enhancing Staffomatic's digital capabilities, several challenges were encountered during the project. The key challenges included identifying and recruiting suitable talents to align with Staffomatic's vision, implementing a new SCRUM-based software development process, fostering better collaboration and productivity among teams, prioritizing features and aligning development efforts with business goals, and integrating a new tech stack seamlessly with existing systems. Additionally, managing stakeholder expectations, adapting to change, and ensuring a smooth transition to agile methodologies posed significant hurdles throughout the project.

The Result
The partnership between Lekker Code and Staffomatic resulted in a more agile, talent-rich, and strategically managed organization. Staffomatic's ability to deliver high-quality software solutions improved significantly, positioning them for continued success in the competitive market. The strengthened team, streamlined product roadmap, efficient allocation of resources, and seamless integration of the recommended tech stack contributed to the successful execution of projects. Overall, the collaboration between Lekker Code and Staffomatic showcased the transformative impact of agile methodologies, effective talent recruitment, and strategic product management on organizational growth and success.
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