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About is a specialized platform dedicated to optimizing recruitment processes for businesses. They enhance visibility and performance through targeted marketing strategies and creative candidate engagement. The platform assists companies in streamlining application and selection procedures, effectively advertising job openings, and can even manage the entire application process upon request. With, businesses can focus on selecting the best candidates, as they design tailored application processes to suit specific needs. They offer customizable support levels, ensuring personalized solutions for each client. Additionally, their blog provides valuable insights and information on recruiting practices.

The Project

Lekker Code collaborated with Talentplatz to assist them in their recruitment process, focusing on helping their clients find highly skilled professionals across various industries and roles. Sarah, working with Lekker Code, played an integral part in this project by providing support and guidance throughout the recruitment process. Although her involvement did not include active sourcing, Sarah helped to ensure that Talentplatz could efficiently identify and assess potential candidates for their clients’ specific needs.

The Challenges

Talentplatz faced several challenges in their recruitment process, including aligning candidates’ skills and experience with the varied and sometimes niche requirements of their clients. Another challenge was maintaining efficiency and quality in the recruitment process while meeting tight timelines and high expectations from clients.

The Result 

Through Lekker Code’s collaboration with Talentplatz, Sarah’s expertise and assistance played a key role in facilitating successful placements of qualified professionals across different sectors. Talentplatz’s clients benefited from an enhanced recruitment process, receiving candidates who were a strong match for their specific roles and requirements. Lekker Code’s partnership with Talentplatz strengthened the recruitment agency’s ability to deliver quality talent solutions, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in the recruitment industry.
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