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How to Recruit Remotely

Your company is most likely fully remote nowadays. Before you think What? Remote? Of course not, we’re all in the same area! ask yourself whether you are all working in the same office. For example, perhaps you are now all working from home due to Covid-19-related restrictions, or, maybe you’ve started to dabble into the world of remote work after seeing just how great remote employees are. So, let’s talk about how fully-remote companies can recruit teams more efficiently.

Be Clear About the Expectations

Whether you are hiring someone from Africa, the U.S. or from Germany, chances are that applicants will be used to a different system of recruitment. In fact, remote recruitment is quite different simply because you cannot have the same level of connection with the person you are hiring. So, make sure to be clear about the process of recruitment to establish a certain feeling that this isn’t just another Zoom meeting, but that this is a serious and professional interview. It is very important that your potential remote employee understands the process fully as well as what is expected from them once they’ve been hired. Moreover, those in charge of recruitment should also be clear on the candidate profile they are looking for.

Work Collaboratively

While working remotely, it can be easy to get lost in the process and in the technology as it is used by a team located at all corners of the world. Thus, although only one person may be in charge of the recruitment – and this is especially true for smaller teams –, make sure that the entire team has access to the recruitment process in order for them to also take part in the creation of a well-functioning team. Keep all important pieces of information in one place that allows for effective collaboration.

Use Video Calls

Although some may disagree and may argue that unintentional bias could come in the way of hiring the right person, using video calls as a way to get to know the person you are considering hiring is a great way to also have an idea of how they work remotely. As their job may entail a lot of video calls and video communication, it is crucial that they have this skill set.

Are They Able to Work Remotely?

Although it may seem like an obvious question to ask, it is also a very important one. Working remotely and with a remote team means that certain things are needed; for example, the right equipment to work remotely and the experience of working as part of a team with individuals who are all located in different places. Thus, you need to have the ability to communicate properly, which requires a solid internet connection, the right laptop and perhaps monitor if needed, and many more. These are just a few musts, but they may also need a few other things depending on the kind of job they are signing up for.

Having said all this, remote work and hiring remote employees is a blast. Not only do you get to enjoy meeting people who are located just about everywhere in the world, but you can also hire the best of the best! So, make this a fantastic experience by following the tips above.


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