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The beauty, and difficulty of Ember

Why does Lekker Code use Ember, you may ask? The answer is simple. While many alternatives exist, Ember is the sole framework that has driven our front end development cycle to the next level.

Ember offers everything we could need, from brilliant documentation and incredible performance to all of the tools you’d need to develop something in minutes.

Ember has a high focus on performance, and this has been important to us since day one. Our applications run smoothly, and the local development environment is near-instant, so for large-scale web applications it is an absolutely perfect fit due to its high performance.

There is never fear that an update to Ember will cause harm to our products, as unlike other frameworks, these updates are non-destructive and quite far backwards compatible. This is already a large comfort, but it is made even more so thanks to the beautifully written documentation to show you how to update outdated code in minutes.

Not only does Ember receive frequent updates, but it has a powerhouse of a development team behind it, constantly improving upon the already fantastic framework. It’s easy to see why even powerhouses such as Netflix, Microsoft, Linkedin and far more use Ember! Now, that all sounds incredible, but with such amazing backing, you might be wondering why you might not have even heard of Ember in the past, and that is the biggest difficulty with Ember as it currently stands. It is a very unknown framework despite its enormous benefits. Because Ember used to use a highly arbitrary syntax unlike the Javascript it was based off of, it had a large learning curve to it. Only recently with Ember Octane did it finally adopt Javascript standards and become a far simpler framework to work with.

Ember is highly difficult to find programmers for because of this history. Being a difficult framework to learn, due to being so unique to its competitors set it back compared to languages like Vue, which are expanding rapidly at this point. This makes finding talented Ember developers incredibly difficult, especially because those same developers are cherished by their companies. Even a developer with experience can be very difficult to find. Most skilled Ember developers were trained by their own companies.


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