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The Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Although 2020 saw a major shift in the way we work, many have realised that working from home, or remote work, has both its pros and cons. Whereas working on the beach used to be the main point of attraction for advocates of digital nomadism or online work, this possibility has unfortunately been taken out of the equation. As more of us are now at home and combining life with work everyday in our make-shift offices, discussing the benefits of working from home and the drawbacks is more important than ever. Why? To let you know that you’re not alone, if you are struggling.

The Pros


First, working from home increases productivity. It is no secret that while working in an office, many of us get distracted. Whether it’s the coffee machine that looks at us, calling our name for an espresso that we know will keep us up all night, or our co-worker sitting next to us telling us all about their date from last night, productivity is not the same when working from home. Although you may work the same number of hours (or not– keep reading!), you may notice that your productivity increases significantly.


Second, working from home offers a range of flexibility that isn’t accessible when working in an office. While working remotely, you can choose to work the hours that you’d like to. Of course, this may depend on a variety of factors, such as the nature of your company and where your customers are based (i.e., when you are expected to be responsive to their messages or on calls with them), however, you do have the flexibility to take more time for lunch or to start later. As long as the work gets done, you are good to go.

Cost Reductions

Third, working remotely saves a ton of money– both for the employer and the employee. For example, as an employer, you do not have to provide a workspace for your employees if the company is officially fully remote. For employees, you can choose to join a coworking space or can have your portable set-up with you to make life easier. In the end, you don’t need to be at the same boring (and expensive) office every day!

The Cons

Nonetheless, working remotely is not for everyone and may also not be all rainbows and shining stars. Working remotely takes dedication and discipline as it can be difficult to motivate oneself without the boss being around at all times. Indeed, although productivity may increase, it may also decrease.

Moreover, although you may have more flexibility with the time you work and the time you take off, working remotely, especially as a virtual staff member without a set hourly shift, you may end up working endless hours, which can lead to burnout. With the change to working from home being made more prominent, many are starting to mention that their work days seem never to end, or that they feel as though they can never do enough. In this case, it can help to create to-do lists for the day and to force oneself to stop past a certain time.

Have we missed any important pros or cons? Let us know in the comments!


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